Definition of "two-way" []

  • Affording passage in two directions: a two-way street. (adjective)
  • Moving in two directions: two-way traffic. (adjective)
  • Permitting communication in two directions: a two-way radio. (adjective)
  • Permitting flow in two directions: a two-way valve. (adjective)
  • Expressive of or involving mutual action, relationship, or responsibility. (adjective)
  • Moving, permitting movement, or operating in either of two opposite directions (adjective)

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  • Involving two participants (adjective)
  • Involving reciprocal obligation or mutual action (adjective)
  • (of a radio, telephone, etc) allowing communications in two directions using both transmitting and receiving equipment (adjective) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "two-way" in a sentence
  • "The cups of some of the brassieres seemed much more pointed than anything she had seen before, and an item called a two-way stretch, which looked as though it had plastic bones in the middle, was new to her."
  • "“This wasn’t what I’d call a two-way street,” said one government official who attended several of the financial meetings."
  • "Orin Kerr: Plus, presumably it would create a two-way street: The Supreme Court would have to start looking to Congress to see if there is a statutory privacy law, and that if there is no such law, that should be evidence that no reasonable expectation of privacy exists even if the Court were otherwise inclined to recognize one."