Definition of "two-ply" [two•-ply]

  • (adjective) Made of two interwoven layers.
  • (adjective) Consisting of two thicknesses or strands: two-ply yarn.

Use "two-ply" in a sentence

  • "NAPKIN SIZE INDEX Applebee's uses a two-ply paper napkin that is 15 by 17 inches."
  • "I think the issue is important to highlight, though, because it's really about so much more than the question of quilted or two-ply; it's about how BPA and other unregulated and potentially dangerous chemicals have become so pervasive that they're in virtually everything we come into contact with."
  • "This should consist of no less than three double rolls of two-ply, a small-ish, hand-held plunger, the coffee-table edition of "Texts from Last Night" and perhaps your PDA to update this blog with more gross, immature content."

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