Definition of "twenty" []

  • The cardinal number equal to 2 × 10. (noun)
  • A decade or the numbers from 20 to 29: The children are now in their twenties. The temperature dipped into the twenties. (noun)
  • The decade from 20 to 29 in a century. (noun)
  • A twenty-dollar bill. (noun)
  • The cardinal number that is the product of ten and two; a score (noun)

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  • A numeral, 20, XX, etc, representing this number (noun)
  • Something representing, represented by, or consisting of 20 units (noun)
  • Amounting to twenty (determiner)
  • (as pronoun) (determiner) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "twenty" in a sentence
  • "The calculation from the Valdez base should, however, be taken into consideration in making this barometric determination, and the mean of the two results, twenty thousand six hundred and ninety-six feet, or, roundly, _twenty thousand seven hundred feet_, is offered as the contribution of this expedition toward determining the true altitude of the mountain."
  • "This fum divided by twenty, for the twenty years, gives twenty-* eight millions, one hundred and thirty thonfand livres per annum."
  • "He did aid an '' bet, as the loryers call it, in thet, an 'thet proves him 'bout as mean as a white man ever gits ter be; an', 'sides thet, he did _sell_ har fur twenty dollars -- a' ooman thet even th '' judge '-- an' he _ar_ a _judge_ uv sech things -- was willin 'ter pay twenty-five hun'red fur; he _did_ sell har fur _twenty dollars_; an' thet proves him a fool!"