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Definition of "tv" [tv]

  • Alternative form of TV. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "tv" in a sentence
  • "What my current thoughts are (and they may change) is that you have discovered a bug in respect of your tv shows not displaying the HD logo on the tv when there is a parenthesis in the filename, whereas I believe my files act correctly and always display the HD icon regardless of parenthesis in the file name."
  • "I'd agree in terms of tv shows bought from itms, however if the tv were to rely on this information for determining whether to add the HD icon on your tv, then it wouldn't work for home brewed tv shows."
  • "Yes, I was asking you where in itunes it shows the HD icon, being in the UK we don't have HD tv shows so I can't see for myself, HD tv shows that are home brewed don't appear to have an icon in itunes but do on the tv."