Definition of "tutor" []

  • A private instructor. (noun)
  • One that gives additional, special, or remedial instruction. (noun)
  • A teacher or teaching assistant in some universities and colleges having a rank lower than that of an instructor. (noun)
  • A graduate, usually a fellow, responsible for the supervision of an undergraduate at some British universities. (noun)
  • Law The legal guardian of a minor and of the minor's property. (noun)
  • A teacher, usually instructing individual pupils and often engaged privately (noun)

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  • (at universities, colleges, etc) a member of staff responsible for the teaching and supervision of a certain number of students (noun)
  • The guardian of a pupil (noun)
  • To act as a tutor to (someone); instruct (verb)
  • To act as guardian to; have care of (verb)
  • To study under a tutor (verb)
  • To admonish, discipline, or reprimand (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tutor" in a sentence
  • "To every fifty children a tutor is assigned: they ramble through the country to collect specimens and observe the various formations, – excursion-trains being frequently engaged in taking them to distant localities to see for themselves hot springs, mountains, canyons, stalactites, stalagmites, &c."
  • "An hour a week of conversation with a tutor is going to help, assuming the tutor stops and explains what you are doing wrong."
  • "If you are here in México and in a fairly large city with a University, Fergueson's advice to get a private tutor is probably the best advice of all."