Definition of "tut-tut" [tut-tut]

  • To express annoyance, impatience, or mild reproof: "those fussy fellows at the State Department tut-tutting about lack of reform in the political system” ( John Hughes). (verb-intransitive)

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Use "tut-tut" in a sentence
  • "He wants to be see an HCR bill pass, while still being able to stand aside and tut-tut his fellow Democrats for being so partisan? fletc3her says:"
  • "But an equal problem is that when someone does play hardball, the rest of the prissy liberal Mugwumps tut-tut them about it."
  • "As a final note, it is the most common thing to sniff at Thompsons's rhetoric and to tut-tut him for his impolite and impolitic ways, as if "we all know" that we are not to speak this way about those who so selflessly and generously do their best to lift us up in song week after week at Mass."