Definition of "turtling" [tur•tling]

  • The hunting of turtles (the reptiles). (noun)
  • Turning turtle. (noun)
  • Any slow progression or build-up. (noun)
  • A defensive strategy of avoiding conflict, usually in a fixed position. (noun)
  • Present participle of turtle. (verb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "turtling" in a sentence
  • "In fact the idea of turtling in Kandahar base while some new imaginary force comes into take over combat operations for us is so divorced from reality I'm not quite sure what marriage counselor can fix it."
  • "It creates an immense amount of "turtling" in our corporate and industrial boardrooms around the world."
  • "The amount of "turtling" as I call it -- just going into a shell and getting conservative; not taking the risks and doing what the dynamic market economy needs that's going on in corporate America and wherever else we touch is unbelievable."
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