Definition of "tune" []

  • Music A melody, especially a simple and easily remembered one. (noun)
  • Music A song. (noun)
  • Music Correct pitch. (noun)
  • Music The state of being properly adjusted for pitch: a piano out of tune. (noun)
  • Music Agreement in pitch: play in tune with the piano. (noun)
  • A melody, esp one for which harmony is not essential (noun)

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  • The most important part in a musical texture (noun)
  • The condition of producing accurately pitched notes, intervals, etc (esp in the phrases in tune, out of tune) (noun)
  • Accurate correspondence of pitch and intonation between instruments (esp in the phrases in tune, out of tune) (noun)
  • The correct adjustment of a radio, television, or some other electronic circuit with respect to the required frequency (esp in the phrases in tune, out of tune) (noun)
  • A frame of mind; disposition or mood (noun)
  • A musical sound; note (noun)
  • To adjust (a musical instrument or a changeable part of one) to a certain pitch (verb)
  • To adjust (a note, etc) so as to bring it into harmony or concord (verb)
  • To adapt or adjust (oneself); attune (verb)
  • To make fine adjustments to (an engine, machine, etc) to obtain optimum performance (verb)
  • To adjust (one or more circuits) for resonance at a desired frequency (verb)
  • To utter (something) musically or in the form of a melody; sing (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tune" in a sentence
  • "To what tune pleas'd his ear] _Key_ in this place seems to signify the key of a musical instrument, by which he set _Hearts to tune_."
  • "With the arena thus sanctified, we embarked on a roller-coaster ride through a Gaga theme park, with her ubiquitous hits "Telephone" and "Poker Face" along with songs from her upcoming "Born This Way" album, including the title tune and a ruminative piano interlude, "Speechless.""
  • "The show gets off to a strong start with the title tune and the goofy "Funky Fried Piece Of Man Meat," but slows down later as the drama takes over."