Definition of "tumult" []

  • The din and commotion of a great crowd. (noun)
  • A disorderly commotion or disturbance. (noun)
  • A tempestuous uprising; a riot. (noun)
  • Agitation of the mind or emotions: "I spend much time in a tumult of anger and disbelief” ( Scott Turow). (noun)
  • A loud confused noise, as of a crowd; commotion (noun)

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  • Violent agitation or disturbance (noun)
  • Great emotional or mental agitation (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tumult" in a sentence
  • "This week's theme is songs that articulate uncertainty, whether at a macro level (a world in tumult) or a micro one (a relationship breaking down)."
  • "Its fair lakes reflect a blue and gentle sky; and, when troubled by the winds, their tumult is but as the play of a lively infant, when compared to the roarings of the giant ocean."
  • "The entire town arose in tumult to pursue him, when he stumbled over a dead body, and was seized."