Definition of "tumbril" [tumbril]

  • (noun) A kind of medieval torture device, later associated with a cucking-stool.
  • (noun) A cart which opens at the back to release its load.
  • (noun) A cart used to carry condemned prisoners to their death, especially to the guillotine during the French Revolution.
  • (noun) A basket or cage of osiers, willows, or the like, to hold hay and other food for sheep.

Use "tumbril" in a sentence

  • "At the farm sales, it was impossible not to rescue machines with names like the Nicolson swathe-turner and such things as enormous hay rakes originally designed to be drawn by horses, wooden bullock carts, or the kind of miniature tipping trailer known as a tumbril, one of the most useful things any farm could possess."
  • "Well, the "tumbril," as we called it, arrived each day for nearly a week, and we drove off gaily to the appointed spot and saturated ourselves in the characteristics of the land we were shortly to attack."
  • "Keegle is noble but good taste takes a tumbril | Martin Kelner"

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