Definition of "tube" []

  • A hollow cylinder, especially one that conveys a fluid or functions as a passage. (noun)
  • An organic structure having the shape or function of a tube; a duct: a bronchial tube. (noun)
  • A small flexible cylindrical container sealed at one end and having a screw cap at the other, for pigments, toothpaste, or other pastelike substances. (noun)
  • Music The cylindrical part of a wind instrument. (noun)
  • Electronics An electron tube. (noun)
  • A long hollow and typically cylindrical object, used for the passage of fluids or as a container (noun)

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  • A collapsible cylindrical container of soft metal or plastic closed with a cap, used to hold viscous liquids or pastes (noun)
  • Any hollow cylindrical structure (noun)
  • The lower part of a gamopetalous corolla or gamosepalous calyx, below the lobes (noun)
  • Any other hollow structure in a plant (noun)
  • A stupid or despicable person (noun)
  • A bottle or can of beer (noun)
  • The cylindrical passage formed when a wave breaks and the crest tips forward (noun)
  • To fit or supply with a tube or tubes (verb)
  • To carry or convey in a tube (verb)
  • To shape like a tube (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tube" in a sentence
  • "When an ovum is matured, it escapes from the ovary into the narrow tube referred to, called the _Fallopian tube_, and passes down into the cavity of the uterus."
  • "It is passed down a tube that we call the _food tube_."
  • "The _middle ear_, it will be seen, is a drum with its stretched membrane like any other drum, and it too has a communication with the exterior air through a tube, the _Eustachian tube_, which leads from the drum into the back part of the throat."