Definition of "trypanosomiasis" [trypanosomiasis]

  • A disease or infection caused by a trypanosome. (noun)

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Use "trypanosomiasis" in a sentence
  • "Local officials in central-eastern Maniema Province said sleeping sickness, a fatal disease transmitted by the tsetse fly and formally known as trypanosomiasis, was on the rise with at least 120 new cases reported in 2001."
  • "The disease, properly called trypanosomiasis (trip'uh-noh-soh-my'uh-sis), is commonly called "African sleeping sickness.""
  • "One of the worst scourges of Africa and one that is to-day attracting world-wide attention is the disease known as trypanosomiasis, the terminal phase of which is sleeping sickness, one of the most ghastly diseases that we know."