Definition of "tryal" [tryal]

  • Obsolete spelling of trial. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "tryal" in a sentence
  • "“I lay this down as a tryal for both,” he had told the Frenchman, “to see which will have the greatest regard to it, & that side we will stand by.”"
  • "“If a Governor can set aside patents without a tryal at Law,” another contemporary warned, “a Governor can set make himself master of any mans Landed Estate,” and “if the practice be once Established the whole people will in consequence soon become tenants at will and slaves to Governors.”"
  • "An I must pointz owt wit my assorted pointee enz that I onlee hadz a bit part – ob de faynting spek-tater in de famus “tryal ub de centuree” dat lcb is referrin to."