Definition of "trochanter" [tro•chan•ter]

  • (noun) Any of several bony processes on the upper part of the femur of many vertebrates.
  • (noun) The second proximal segment of the leg of an insect.

Use "trochanter" in a sentence

  • "The bed is a mat made of rushes sewn together with twine; the hip-bone soon becomes sore on the hard flat surface, as we are not allowed to make a hole in the floor to receive the prominent part called trochanter by anatomists, as we do when sleeping on grass or sand."
  • "Everyone knows the greater trochanter is on the lateral edge of the humerus, rather than the medial."
  • "Tainotherium differs from other West Indian species in possessing a large femoral head, a proximally angled femoral neck, a short greater trochanter and a medially positioned lesser trochanter unconnected by an intertrochanteric crest, and a transversely flattened, anteroposteriorly bowed shaft lacking well-defined ridges."

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