Definition of "trilobite" [tri•lo•bite]

  • (noun) Any of numerous extinct marine arthropods of the class Trilobita, of the Paleozoic Era, having a segmented body divided by grooves into three vertical lobes and found as fossils throughout the world.

Use "trilobite" in a sentence

  • "A trilobite is a tri-lobed water bugessentially from the prehistoric age, one of the first life forms of it's kind, and a cornerstone of anyone's fossil collection."
  • "Millstone asked Freshwater several questions about another survey, in which students apparently were shown a prehistoric fossil called a trilobite and asked to describe it."
  • "The original Trilobite: The trilobite was a type of arthropod that vacuumed the ocean beds for small animals and particles about 250-560 million years ago."

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