Definition of "tricoloured" [tricoloured]

  • (adjective) Alternative spelling of tricolored.

Use "tricoloured" in a sentence

  • "Dancing, hugging, weeping, stamping, whistle-blowing and, of course, wriggling into those trademark tricoloured jackets then tossing them aside with abandon, the Venezuelan Teresa Carreño Youth Orchestra – named after a pioneering 19th-century composer-pianist who married enough musical husbands to form her own small chamber group – ended its European tour on a blazing and noisy high on Thursday in the second of two London concerts."
  • "March 19, 2008 at 8:12 am that kind of colour tricoloured kitteh! is always female due to genetics… so “he” should be replaced by “she”"
  • "Just think of how much Jamaican immigrants contribute to our culture and economy: monotonous, illiterate music that all sounds the same, filthy hairstyles, those little tricoloured Rasta doohickies."

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