Definition of "trick" []

  • An act or procedure intended to achieve an end by deceptive or fraudulent means. See Synonyms at wile. (noun)
  • A mischievous action; a prank. (noun)
  • A stupid, disgraceful, or childish act or performance. (noun)
  • A peculiar trait or characteristic; a mannerism: "Mimicry is the trick by which a moth or other defenseless insect comes to look like a wasp” ( Marston Bates). (noun)
  • A peculiar event with unexpected, often deceptive results: "One of history's cruelest tricks is to take words that sounded good at the time and make them sound pretty stupid” ( David Owen). (noun)
  • A deceitful, cunning, or underhand action or plan (noun)

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  • A mischievous, malicious, or humorous action or plan; joke (noun)
  • (as modifier) (noun)
  • An illusory or magical feat or device (noun)
  • A simple feat learned by an animal or person (noun)
  • An adroit or ingenious device; knack (noun)
  • A behavioural trait, habit, or mannerism (noun)
  • A turn or round of duty or work (noun)
  • A batch of cards containing one from each player, usually played in turn and won by the player or side that plays the card with the highest value (noun)
  • A card that can potentially win a trick (noun)
  • To defraud, deceive, or cheat (someone), esp by means of a trick (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "trick" in a sentence
  • "The main trick is to have a currency that - unlike dollars, which are lent into existence by a bank - is instead worked into existence through an exchange."
  • "Theists are completely anthropocentric, since their main trick is to project themselves onto the cosmos, an insistence that something like a human self is at the core of the universe, no matter that observation tells us quite a different story."
  • "I would point out, for example, that the term trick, is often used in science to describe a clever way to get around a difficulty that is perfectly legitimate."