Definition of "triad" []

  • A group of three. (noun)
  • Music A chord of three tones, especially one built on a given root tone plus a major or minor third and a perfect fifth. (noun)
  • A section of a Pindaric ode consisting of the strophe, antistrophe, and epode. (noun)
  • A group of three; trio (noun)

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  • An atom, element, group, or ion that has a valency of three (noun)
  • A three-note chord consisting of a note and the third and fifth above it (noun)
  • An aphoristic literary form used in medieval Welsh and Irish literature (noun)
  • The US strategic nuclear force, consisting of intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine-launched ballistic missiles, and bombers (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "triad" in a sentence
  • "Thus _e. g._, the large I shows that the triad on the first tone (in major) is a _major triad_, the small II shows that the triad on the second tone is minor, etc."
  • "Rienhoff is still in the midst of this project, which he dubbed his triad transcriptome experiment—the "triad" consisting of mother, father, and offspring."
  • "Completing the triad is the intimate Transit Lounge (141 Tai An Road; 86-21-6283-3051), a favorite among Japanese men who come for the swanky red banquettes, loungey vibe and mojitos."