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Definition of "trewe" [trewe]

  • Old spellings of true, truly.
  • An obsolete form of trow.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "trewe" in a sentence
  • "Chaucer, in a well-known verse, expresses his wish that Adam the scrivener shall copy Boëthius and Troilus "trewe" and not write it "newe.""
  • "4.30 In copying, however, especially when it is mechanically done, it is almost as difficult to write "trewe" as it is to write "newe": the imp of the perverse makes his home at the elbow of the scribe, ever ready to profit by drowsiness or trifling inattention."
  • "Yt ys knowlechable seekres of lore like thynselfe who maken the trewe discoveries yn clios arte."