Definition of "trespass-offering" [trespass-offering]

  • Among the ancient Jews, a sacrifice presented in expiation for such a sin or offense as admitted of compensation or satisfaction. The ceremonial is described in Lev. xiv. 12–18. See offering. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "trespass-offering" in a sentence
  • "We may judge something from this passage: "In the evening of the sabbath, if he see one star and do any work, he is acquitted; but if he see two stars, let him bring his trespass-offering.""
  • "So the sin and trespass-offering are often expressed by חַטָּאת and אָשָׁם, — “the sin” and “trespass,” or"
  • "These two particulars indicate that the trespass-offering contemplated chiefly a wrong, for which decided satisfaction was to be made by offering a male animal, and for which"