Definition of "trepan" [tre•pan]

  • (noun) A rock-boring tool used in mining for sinking shafts.
  • (noun) Medicine A trephine.
  • (verb-transitive) To bore (a shaft) with a trepan.
  • (verb-transitive) Medicine To trephine.
  • (verb-transitive) To trap; ensnare.

Use "trepan" in a sentence

  • "From the distracted and despairing man whom love and longing trepan from the lover under passion’s ban the prisoner of transport and distraction from this Kamar al-Zaman son of Shahriman to the peerless one of the fair Houris the pearl-union to the Lady Budur daughter of King Al Ghayur"
  • "The "bizarre bits" on display here include a bunch of medical specimens and instruments, such as the smallpox scab, various saws used for amputations and neurosurgery, and a trepan, a grotesque device used to perforate the skull, which was believed to aid in treating mental illness, epilepsy and migraines."
  • "Relatively humane compared to the older method of using a hammer that would trepan the animal."

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