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Definition of "trebly" [tre•bly]

  • Having treble, or high-pitched, qualities. (adjective)
  • Three times, thrice (archaic) (adverb)
  • To three times the extent or degree; triply. (adverb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "trebly" in a sentence
  • "As his name trebly asserts, Marco is also a born traveler, someone who has to find his place in the world rather than inherit it."
  • "My G&L suddenly sounded like a ES335, with all the bass turned up, and no treble at all, even after I used my 'trebly' RP6 unit."
  • "The vibrant colours from Mexico, the trebly resonance of the commentary beamed for the first time via satellite and Brazil's stylishly sadistic attacking football whose scintillating use of speed, grace and space exhausted then annihilated most of their opponents and gave it a lustre."
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