Definition of "treater" [treat•er]

  • (noun) Anything that treats.
  • (noun) A vessel used to treat oil-water emulsions by any of several mechanisms so that the oil can be accepted by the pipeline or transport.

Use "treater" in a sentence

  • "No age limit on Gwinnett police Taser policy | ajc. com: Last week's use of a Taser stun gun on a handcuffed 14-year-old trick or treater is within Gwinnett County police policy, which has no age provision, police said."
  • "Thus, unless you are invited, it would be bad form among gentlemen to order wine when invited to drink unless the "treater" asks you to have wine; he means a drink of whisky, brandy, or a mixed drink, or you may take soda or a cigar, or you may refuse."
  • "I'd have expected a more quality trick or treater round your way, I must say."

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