Definition of "treasure-chest" [treasure-chest]

  • (noun) A strong box made to contain gold, silver, jewels, or other articles of value.
  • (noun) Figuratively, a treasury.

Use "treasure-chest" in a sentence

  • "And nothing quite fills the treasure-chest as richly and as rewardingly."
  • "My stereo and my disc-cupboard were no longer there, nor was my locked treasure-chest that contained bottles and drugs and two shining clean syringes."
  • "So, to cut all short, we arrived, O my brothers, and I led the way up to 10-8, and they panted and smecked away the way up, and then they were thirsty, they said, so I unlocked the treasure-chest in my room and gave these ten-year-young devotchkas a real horrorshow Scotch - man apiece, though well filled with sneezy pins-and-needles soda."

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