Definition of "transsexuality" [transsexuality]

  • The state, condition, or properties of being transsexual. (noun)
  • The psychological diagnosis of gender identity disorder. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "transsexuality" in a sentence
  • "But regardless of any possible differences of opinion about whether transsexuality is an intersex condition, Ms Cromwell makes one very important point about transitioning:"
  • "Because, as everybody knows – especially highly qualified and trained expert medical specialists like psychologists – transsexuality is contagious and by implication downright dangerous to cis people."
  • "Jeffreys, Daly and Greer broadly follow the work of Raymond, who argued that transsexuals who identify as women are really men, and that transsexuality is a patriarchal means of reinforcing gender sterotypes."
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