Definition of "transpersonal" [transpersonal]

  • (adjective) Transcending or reaching beyond the personal or individual.

Use "transpersonal" in a sentence

  • "It is what is called a transpersonal planet, meaning that because of its extremely slow revolution around the Sun about 250 years, it affects whole generations."
  • "Alexis Masters, lifelong mystic, scholar and kriya yoga practitioner, holds a bachelor of arts in transpersonal psychology from Antioch University, where she also pursued graduate work in feminist theology and comparative religion."
  • "(Part 3 will be posted in the next few weeks) [1] Interestingly, the nature of Brahman is described as transpersonal, personal, and impersonal by different philosophical schools; hence my statement at the very beginning of this essay that Hinduism is less a monolithic religion than a system of varied beliefs and practices based around similar world views and understandings of the universe."

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