Definition of "transdimensional" []

  • Relating to a dimension other than those of the normal three-dimensional world (adjective)
  • Applicable to multiple dimensionalities; Having components or subspaces of different dimension (adjective) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "transdimensional" in a sentence
  • "You could project an image from outside the Flatland universe into it, a kind of transdimensional Pepper's Ghost."
  • "Apparently Wild Bill is "transdimensional", himself, and with a tap of ANOTHER button seems to teleport."
  • "Try not to grin as you read: naughty, improbable, grotesque, the tale bests itself at every turn, featuring such wildly bizarre concoctions as a homunculus/newt on the throne of England, nuclear train engines and "ideoplasm" - powered transdimensional prairie schooners, with inevitable Lovecraft monsters duly appearing in the "Hottentots" sequel."