Definition of "transcendentally" [tran•scen•den•tal•ly]

  • In a transcendental manner. (adverb) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "transcendentally" in a sentence
  • "When we consider all possible predicates, not merely logically, but transcendentally, that is to say, with reference to the content which may be cogitated as existing in them a priori, we shall find that some indicate a being, others merely a non-being."
  • "If the mode of this intuition is unknown to us, the object is merely transcendental, and the conception of the understanding is employed only transcendentally, that is, to produce unity in the thought of"
  • "As a hyper-retarded, transcendentally stupid and incoherent bag of pure WTF, it's actually somewhat entertaining as a sort of mutant emissary from somewhere to the left of the Tromaverse."