Definition of "tram-car" [tram-car]

  • A car used on a tramway; a tramway-car; a horse-car on a street-railway. Also called tram. (noun)
  • A car used in coalmines: same as tram 6. (noun)

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "tram-car" in a sentence
  • "Utopian tram-car passes and I see his face, poor bitted wretch! looking pinched and scared in its trailing glow of light."
  • "I figure it as one would see it at night, a band a hundred yards perhaps in width, the footpath on either side shaded with high trees and lit softly with orange glowlights; while down the centre the tramway of the road will go, with sometimes a nocturnal tram-car gliding, lit and gay but almost noiselessly, past."
  • "The passing tram-car might grind him against the tall grilles which were the only barriers to the patios, but otherwise there would be nothing to spoil his enjoyment of those marble floors and tiled walls and fountains potted round with flowering plants."