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Definition of "trade union" [trade union]

  • A labor union, especially one limited in membership to people in the same trade. (noun)

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Use "trade union" in a sentence
  • "The Communist Party split itself and its trade union affiliate, the NLF, into two groups, one of which went underground with the KWC while the other cooperated with the Delgado regime and was allowed to operate."
  • "At the same time he was convinced that revolutionary social reform was a necessity for Kurfana, and he believed the trade union movement, working for the establishment of a socialist government, was the most effective engine to produce this reform."
  • "Today this means places like Bangladesh and the “special economic zones” or “export processing zones” of China, where workers—squeezed into underlit, underventilated, deafening factories to perform mind-numbing, repetitive drudgery, sometimes for eleven hours a day—receive wages as low as ten to thirteen cents per hour.27 Free speech and the right to form a trade union are routinely repressed as well."