Definition of "trachyte" [tra•chyte]

  • (noun) A light-colored igneous rock consisting essentially of alkali feldspar.

Use "trachyte" in a sentence

  • "The +Puy-de-Dome+ is 4806 ft. above the level of the sea, has no crater, and is covered with a long tufted grass, with here and there a rough spongy rock cropping out, of volcanic origin, and called trachyte, of which the variety found here, and almost here alone, has been named domite."
  • "Jackson Slater lowered himself over the crumbling rim of the volcanic plug, then dropped into the cooler, shadowy dimness of a rust-colored soda trachyte rock tube."
  • "About 55 statues are made of other stone – red scoria, basalt, or trachyte – and are smaller than the average size of 5 m."

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