Definition of "trach" [trach]

  • A shortened form of tracheotomy or tracheostomy. (noun)
  • The tube inserted in a tracheotomy. (noun)
  • A recipient of the above-named procedure. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "trach" in a sentence
  • "M. STEPANEK: Well, I have something called a trach collar, which is a little thing that I hold all of the time like a mask I put over that."
  • "She is hanging around wioith keth Obermann, good man for her trach is the word for beck and oreilly texasman5002 Says:"
  • "Placement of a cap over the top of a tracheostomy ( "trach") tube allowing a child to breathe through the nose and mouth; used to assess a person's readiness to breathe without mechanical assistance."
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