Definition of "townwide" [townwide]

  • (adjective) Extending throughout a town.
  • (adverb) Throughout a town.

Use "townwide" in a sentence

  • "If the Legislature were to approve a charter change, selectmen would then have the authority to call a townwide vote to ask residents to endorse one or more local option taxes."
  • "January 23 is known as National Pie Day, and in honor of the occasion, dessert lovers traveled over the river, through the woods and finally up Maine's snow-covered coast to the seaside hamlet of Rockland for Pies on Parade, a townwide celebration of just about everything related to pies in both sweet and savory incarnations."
  • "And, thanks to your husband, The Housekeeper and the Professor was selected to be the 2010 townwide read for Westport, CT!"

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