Definition of "township" []

  • A subdivision of a county in most northeast and Midwest U.S. states, having the status of a unit of local government with varying governmental powers. (noun)
  • A public land surveying unit of 36 sections or 36 square miles. (noun)
  • An ancient administrative division of a large parish in England. (noun)
  • A racially segregated area in South Africa established by the government as a residence for people of color. (noun)
  • A small town (noun)

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  • (in the Scottish Highlands and islands) a small crofting community (noun)
  • (in the US and Canada) a territorial area, esp a subdivision of a county: often organized as a unit of local government (noun)
  • (formerly, in South Africa) a planned urban settlement of Black Africans or Coloured people (noun)
  • Any of the local districts of a large parish, each division containing a village or small town (noun)
  • The particular manor or parish itself as a territorial division (noun)
  • The inhabitants of a township collectively (noun) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "township" in a sentence
  • "The township is interested, but the approval process is slow and may take a years."
  • "MONDELLO: Without the word township, that could be Cleveland, no?"
  • "Marriage, housing, schooling, jobs - everything was relevant to your racial classification: so, for example, a black parent might be forced to live in a different township from the white other parent and their colored children."