Definition of "touch-tone" [touch-tone]

  • (adjective) Of, relating to, or being a telephone with which the user places calls by pressing pushbuttons that generate and transmit tones of differing pitch, these tones corresponding to the digits of the number being called.
  • (noun) A touch-tone telephone.

Use "touch-tone" in a sentence

  • ""Some of the other artifacts ... included an early typewriter with a piano keyboard, an early IBM paper tape punch that made square holes (not round), an official IBM song book, early prototypes of touch-tone phones, Teletypes, Flexowriters, an early IBM time clock, manual telephone switchboards, electro-mechanical telephone switches, and music boxes.""
  • "When I recharge on my mobile service I can skip all the prompts by simply pressing the sequence of touch-tone keys I know do the trick."
  • "Mahesh Sharma at Australian IT reports that the bank is going to offer the option of either using voice recognition or touch-tone, depending on user preference."

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