Definition of "totemistic" [totemistic]

  • (adjective) Relating to totemism.

Use "totemistic" in a sentence

  • "The last class of exogamous divisions are those called totemistic, when the clan is named after a plant or animal or other natural object."
  • "As our review of what may be called totemistic features shows, [878] the one permanent element in the relation between men and nonhuman, nondivine objects is reverence for these last on men's part; and the conception of an alliance, defensive and offensive, between the two groups has been proposed above as an additional differentia of totemism, a sense of kinship being involved."
  • "Critic Camille Paglia describes Plaster Caster's work as "totemistic," as an example of "women taking control," yet in the end it seems oddly mundane."

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