Definition of "topographer" [to•pog•ra•pher]

  • (noun) One who is skilled in topography.
  • (noun) One who describes and maps the surface features of geographic regions.

Use "topographer" in a sentence

  • ""Parallel with the street," wrote the topographer HW Timperley in the 1930s, "and a bowshot from it, the Kennet rolls its deep and clear chalk waters beneath the bowery margins of a score of pleasant gardens ...""
  • "He embarked on the trip with the backing of Yale, private companies, a few friends and even President William Howard Taft, a fellow Yalie, who assigned a government topographer to accompany the expedition."
  • "Nick Crane, topographer and presenter of TV series Map Man, thinks they may have used an astrolabe - a highly technical instrument used by classical astronomers, navigators and astrologers which involved checking the horizon, the stars, the sun and all sorts of angles."

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