Definition of "tontine" [ton•tine]

  • An investment plan in which participants buy shares in a common fund and receive an annuity that increases every time a participant dies, with the entire fund going to the final survivor or to those who survive after a specified time. (noun)
  • Each member's share of a tontine. (noun)
  • The subscribers to a tontine. (noun)

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Use "tontine" in a sentence
  • "*A tontine is a financial arrangement whereby a fixed group takes shares in an investment—in this case the coffeehouse—paying out pro rata as each dies or drops out; the last one standing gets the whole shebang."
  • "The tontine is a scheme for raising money on a long-term basis by weighting rewards in favour of the longest lasting contributors."
  • "They work, I am told, with a kind of tontine -- it is, in fact, a lottery."