Definition of "tongue" []

  • The fleshy, movable, muscular organ, attached in most vertebrates to the floor of the mouth, that is the principal organ of taste, an aid in chewing and swallowing, and, in humans, an important organ of speech. (noun)
  • An analogous organ or part in invertebrate animals, as in certain insects or mollusks. (noun)
  • The tongue of an animal, such as a cow, used as food. (noun)
  • A spoken language or dialect. (noun)
  • Speech; talk: If there is goodness in your heart, it will come to your tongue. (noun)
  • A movable mass of muscular tissue attached to the floor of the mouth in most vertebrates. It is the organ of taste and aids the mastication and swallowing of food. In man it plays an important part in the articulation of speech sounds (noun)

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  • An analogous organ in invertebrates (noun)
  • The tongue of certain animals used as food (noun)
  • A language, dialect, or idiom (noun)
  • The ability to speak (noun)
  • A manner of speaking (noun)
  • Utterance or voice (esp in the phrase give tongue) (noun)
  • Anything which resembles a tongue in shape or function (noun)
  • A promontory or spit of land (noun)
  • A flap of leather on a shoe, either for decoration or under the laces or buckles to protect the instep (noun)
  • The reed of an oboe or similar instrument (noun)
  • The clapper of a bell (noun)
  • The harnessing pole of a horse-drawn vehicle (noun)
  • A long and narrow projection on a machine or structural part that serves as a guide for assembly or as a securing device (noun)
  • A projecting strip along an edge of a board that is made to fit a corresponding groove in the edge of another board (noun)
  • To articulate (notes played on a wind instrument) by the process of tonguing (verb)
  • To lick, feel, or touch with the tongue (verb)
  • To provide (a board) with a tongue (verb)
  • (of a piece of land) to project into a body of water (verb)
  • To reproach; scold (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tongue" in a sentence
  • "P.ace the N. P., _long cord_, upon the lower cervical vertebræ, and then treat, _first_, with the _tongue_ instrument, P. P., in the mouth, as far back on the tongue as can be borne, three to five minutes."
  • "It is produced at the middle or central part of the mouth, by forcing a slight, closely-squeezed current of Sounding Breath, through a small, smooth channel or opening made by forming _a gutter or scoop of the flattened point of the tongue_; while, at the same time, the tongue is applied at the edges to the teeth and gums."
  • "So you may perceive, I _have the use of my tongue_ & I tell her it is a good thing to have the use of my tongue."