Definition of "tone" []

  • Music A sound of distinct pitch, quality, and duration; a note. (noun)
  • Music The interval of a major second in the diatonic scale; a whole step. (noun)
  • Music A recitational melody in a Gregorian chant. (noun)
  • The quality or character of sound. (noun)
  • The characteristic quality or timbre of a particular instrument or voice. (noun)
  • Sound with reference to quality, pitch, or volume (noun)

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  • (in acoustic analysis) a sound resulting from periodic or regular vibrations, composed either of a simple sinusoidal waveform (pure tone) or of several such waveforms superimposed upon one main one (compound tone) (noun)
  • An interval of a major second; whole tone (noun)
  • Any of several plainsong melodies or other chants used in the singing of psalms (noun)
  • Any of the pitch levels or pitch contours at which a syllable may be pronounced, such as high tone, falling tone, etc (noun)
  • The quality or character of a sound (noun)
  • General aspect, quality, or style (noun)
  • High quality or style (noun)
  • The quality of a given colour, as modified by mixture with white or black; shade; tint (noun)
  • The normal tension of a muscle at rest (noun)
  • The natural firmness of the tissues and normal functioning of bodily organs in health (noun)
  • The overall effect of the colour values and gradations of light and dark in a picture (noun)
  • A colour or shade of colour, including black or grey, of a particular area on a negative or positive that can be distinguished from surrounding lighter or darker areas (noun)
  • To be of a matching or similar tone (to) (verb)
  • To give a tone to or correct the tone of (verb)
  • To soften or change the colour of the tones of (a photographic image) by chemical means (verb)
  • To give greater firmness or strength to (the body or a part of the body) (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tone" in a sentence
  • "Because the tone can be heard on pairs other than the one you put it on, when tone or tone+ are inappropriate."
  • "_Leading tone_ -- the tone which demands resolution to the tonic (one-half step above it)."
  • "There is no particular basis for this theory, for although all scales must of course begin with the key-tone or tonic, this tonic may be referred to by any syllable which will serve as a basis for an association process enabling one to feel the force of the tone as a closing point -- a _home tone_."