Definition of "title" []

  • An identifying name given to a book, play, film, musical composition, or other work. (noun)
  • A general or descriptive heading, as of a book chapter. (noun)
  • Written material to be read by viewers that is included in a film or television show, typically presenting credits, narration, or dialogue. Often used in the plural. (noun)
  • A written piece of translated dialogue superimposed at the bottom of the frame during a film; a subtitle. (noun)
  • Law A heading that names a document, statute, or proceeding. (noun)
  • The distinctive name of a work of art, musical, or literary composition, etc (noun)

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  • A descriptive name, caption, or heading of a section of a book, speech, etc (noun)
  • A name or epithet signifying rank, office, or function (noun)
  • A formal designation, such as Mr, Mrs, or Miss (noun)
  • An appellation designating nobility (noun)
  • Written material giving credits in a film or television programme (noun)
  • A championship (noun)
  • The legal right to possession of property, esp real property (noun)
  • The basis of such right (noun)
  • The documentary evidence of such right (noun)
  • The heading or a division of a statute, book of law, etc (noun)
  • The heading of a suit or action at law (noun)
  • Any customary or established right (noun)
  • A claim based on such a right (noun)
  • A definite spiritual charge or office in the church, without appointment to which a candidate for holy orders cannot lawfully be ordained (noun)
  • A titular church (noun)
  • To give a title to (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "title" in a sentence
  • "Not only can TagScanner clean up the artist, album, song title, and track number information for your digital music files, it can rename your songs based on a pattern you define like %artist% - %title%, it can make music playlists, and search online databases like freedb and Amazon to automatically tag music missing information."
  • "We do not speak of a title being born, or crucified; and when some early Christians denied that Jesus Christ was ever born or ever crucified, they had in mind not a _title_ but a _person."
  • "_Pride and Prejudice_ and the passage in _Cecilia_, there is an obvious connection between the title of _Pride and Prejudice_ and the _title of"