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Definition of "tip-tilted" [tip-tilted]

  • Having the tip or point tilted or turned up.

The Century Dictionary (Public Domain)

Use "tip-tilted" in a sentence
  • "The set is minimal, just a few stylized, tip-tilted ancient Roman walls and a block of pseudo-marble gradually being sculpted into a giant head of Tito; and costumes are equally simple, unadorned 18th-century frock coats and gowns in black, white, gray and a bright canary yellow."
  • "In the land of the shining empire, in a small province north of the city of Messaline and beyond the great salt desert, a princess with a tip-tilted nose lived with her mother, Hoelun Khatun, the Dowager Queen."
  • "As she spooned the food into me I took a look at her, and noted dully that she was pretty enough for an Indian, with a wide mouth and tip-tilted nose which suggested that some Frog voyageur had wintered among the Sioux fifteen years back."