Definition of "tint" []

  • A shade of a color, especially a pale or delicate variation. (noun)
  • A gradation of a color made by adding white to it to lessen its saturation. (noun)
  • A slight coloration; a tinge. (noun)
  • A barely detectable amount or degree; a trace. (noun)
  • A shaded effect in engraving produced by fine, close, parallel lines. (noun)
  • A shade of a colour, esp a pale one (noun)

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  • A colour that is softened or desaturated by the addition of white (noun)
  • A tinge (noun)
  • A semipermanent dye for the hair (noun)
  • A trace or hint (noun)
  • Uniform shading, produced esp by hatching (noun)
  • A panel of colour serving as a background to letters or other matter (noun)
  • To colour or tinge (verb)
  • To change or influence slightly (verb)
  • To acquire a tint (verb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "tint" in a sentence
  • "When you can manage to tint and gradate tenderly with the pencil point, get a good large alphabet, and try to _tint_ the letters into shape with the pencil point."
  • "So the amber tint is awesome you can see straight to the bottom"
  • "A good all around tint is rose or a lighter amber."