Definition of "time to come" []

  • The time yet to come (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "time to come" in a sentence
  • "Having established her presence in the area, and given the Huntlys time to come to her, Mary at last issued her order that Sir John Gordon give himself up to the authorities, if not in Aberdeen, then at Stirling."
  • "I can gather nothing from him about my Lord Sandwich about the business of the prizes, he being close, but he shewed me a bill which hath been read in the House making all breaking of bulke for the time to come felony, but it is a foolish Act, and will do no great matter, only is calculated to my Lord Sandwich's case."
  • "While I am waiting for a convenient time to come when you will see me for a conference and report, I send you notes on conversations with Lord Grey and Lord Bryce [47]."