Definition of "time of day" [time of day]

  • The time according to the clock. (noun)
  • A loosely specified period of time, minutes or hours in duration, especially daytime, or point in time. (noun)
  • The greeting appropriate to the time of day. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "time of day" in a sentence
  • "SITUATIONAL VARIABLES AND INTERPERSONAL NEWS DIFFUSION In addition to perceived salience, the degree to which an individual learns about a news event from interpersonal communication channels depends on such situational variables as time of day and whether or not he or she is at home or at work."
  • "Now that the chores were done, the two hired men made a dash for the kitchen to pass the time of day with Katie Conroy, the cook."
  • "I am not going to be turned from my purpose at this time of day by anything that Mother Shipton may say or do."