Definition of "timber" [tim•ber]

  • (noun) Trees or wooded land considered as a source of wood.
  • (noun) Wood used as a building material; lumber.
  • (noun) A dressed piece of wood, especially a beam in a structure.
  • (noun) Nautical A rib in a ship's frame.
  • (noun) A person considered to have qualities suited for a particular activity: That trainee is executive timber.

Use "timber" in a sentence

  • "He was to take the timber at a valuation, and it is a sufficient proof of his ignorance of these matters, that he really did not know the difference between a hazel bush and an oak tree; for, although he was a very clever and an ingenious man in his way, yet he actually applied to me, to know how they would measure such _small timber_ as that which he pointed out to me, which was nothing more than a _hazel bush!"
  • "Rick, back in late July we saw one of your competitors sold some land, basically what they called a timber deed, and I'm curious if you care to comment on the structure."
  • "Starting last year, a certain timber company the club I hunt with leases land from, prohibited the use of dogs to deer hunt."

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