Definition of "ticky-tacky" [ticky-tacky]

  • (noun) Shoddy material, as for the construction of standardized housing.
  • (adjective) Made of shoddy material; cheaply built.
  • (adjective) Marked by a mediocre uniformity of appearance or style: ticky-tacky rows of look-alike houses.
  • (adjective) Tawdry; tacky.

Use "ticky-tacky" in a sentence

  • "The monstrous and incredibly ugly development of ticky-tacky on JocotepecĀ“s east side reminds me of another place from my youth."
  • "The overall effect is to put a bureaucratic stranglehold on attempts of protest organizers to give expression to the 1st amendment, so tying them up in ticky-tacky provisions, fines and possible jail time that only a masochist would organize a protest with a message that the city fathers don't want to hear."
  • "As you may know I have a fondness for the ticky-tacky known as Reality Television, I so love the term because it's so not anyone's reality I've ever known."