Definition of "ticklers" [ticklers]

  • Plural form of tickler. (noun) : Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License

Use "ticklers" in a sentence
  • ""Did you tell me, Gusterson, that everybody was quiet and abstracted and orderly down below, especially the ones wearing ticklers, meaning pretty much everybody?""
  • "To hold a carnival such as New Orleans holds, a city must know how to be lively and playful without becoming drunk, without breaking barroom mirrors, upsetting tables, annoying women, thrusting "ticklers" into people's faces, jostling, fighting, committing the thousand rough vulgar excesses in which New York indulges every New Year's Eve, and in which it would indulge to an even more disgusting extent under the additional license of the mask."
  • "People with horns, and bells, and all manner of noise-making devices, with confetti and "ticklers" pushed up on one side of"