Definition of "throughout" []

  • In, to, through, or during every part of; all through: The road is kept open throughout the year. (preposition)
  • In or through all parts; everywhere: The material is flawed throughout. (adverb)
  • During the entire time or extent: Though unsure how her speech would be received, she remained calm and professional throughout. (adverb)
  • Right through; through the whole of (a place or a period of time) (preposition)

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  • Through the whole of some specified period or area (adverb) (c) HarperCollins Publishers Ltd 2016

Use "throughout" in a sentence
  • "ABC censored the word throughout the heated debate."
  • "As I have said, it was meant in a conciliatory and friendly way in the context in which I have used the word throughout my life and as set out earlier in this Statement."
  • "The Wigan game was the most moving I have ever felt … with fans singing my name throughout the game."