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Definition of "three-d" []

  • Involving or relating to three dimensions or aspects; giving the illusion of depth (adjective)
  • Having a three-dimensional form or appearance (noun)
  • A movie with images having three dimensional form or appearance (noun)

WordNet. Princeton University. 2010.

Use "three-d" in a sentence
  • "They had the wit to act appealing, like the beasts we have all come to know and love through the medium of the three-d tapes."
  • "I'm not paying $15 to see a computer's rendition of an old man's face in three-d."
  • "Possum, my high-school roommate was obsessed with stereoscopes and three-d (part of a lifelong project to write stereoscopic software to help people understand how to visualize n-dimensional space in three dimensions), and would build his own by drawing two nearly identical images and sticking them on the ends of paper-towel rolls, then putting the rolls up to his eyes and unfocusing his vision until the image converged."